Mani's Hut

Mani's Hut

How did our Manichatki, our homes, come into being? At the beginning there was an old wooden cottage of traditional local design, well past its prime and waiting in a reverie for a new owner. It had to be dismantled and moved, carefully not to destroy its natural environment, fortunately the journey was short, because from Hańczowa to Ropek is only 10 km ... And then it waited, piled up by the road under an old pear tree, until experienced hands of local carpenters who love timber and are able to breathe new life into it took care of it. And this is how the hut in which we live and the guest houses were built. In Manichatki, we tried to take care of many details so that the houses would be comfortable, warm and functional, without losing the character of a rustic wooden cottage. The houses are built from old logs, the roofs are covered with old tiles, some of the walls and chimneys were built using old bricks, stone and almost 100-year-old floor boards. We made sure that the kitchen was functional and equipped with modern appliances, and the bathrooms did not differ from the "urban" standard. The living room has a fireplace, whose warm fire makes the autumn and winter evening a pleasant one.

Kitchen equipment:

Traditional wood-burning stove

Four-burner gas cooker

Electric oven

Washing Machine

A large fridge

Pots, pans, dishes, services, porcelain, glass and many
other things needed in the kitchen