We want to welcome guests and make them feel good with us.

For those who love tranquillity and silence.

For those who discover nature through hiking or cycling.

For those who observe animals and their behaviour and respect their right to live in a natural environment. 
For those who listen in summer to the concerts of insects in the meadows, in autumn, the calls of deer during rut, and in winter the omnipresent silence.

For those who, tired of the urban rush, will lie down in a hammock or sit down on a wooden bench in front of the house. 
For those who come with children, so that they can run freely on the meadow, put their hands in the stream and play in mud. 
For those who will look at the starry sky at night and admire the Milky Way.

For those who think the natural world is beautiful and want to draw strength from it and protect it…